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Vivicat Lazily Sitting Set Blind Box Series by Vivicat x POP MART

Some cats are hyper, some are cuddly...Vivicat is neither. Vivicat is the kinda cat who sleep all day long and not give a hoot about the outside world. Sound like you? Well then...this is just for you. 

Vivicat is available in this blind box set in 9 different versions plus 1 secret hidden edition. Versions include Hovership, Flower, Baseball, Watch TV, Express, Zen, Peanuts, Closestool and Big Fish!

Each figure stands at approximately 3 inches tall and comes mystery packed so you never know what figure you will get until you open the box!

There are 9 different designs to collect and 1 hidden edition chase figure that has a ratio of 1/108. 

Available as a single blind box or a complete set of 9 figures when you purchase a case. 

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