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About Us

About Mindzai

Mindzai was founded in 2006 and was born from a curious exploration into art and design. We began as a small online publication and events company interested in urban artists and tastemakers from around the world. Over time, we fell in love with the world of designer toys and the urban art culture that surrounded us.

In 2012, our online store opened to the world and we worked hard to stock the finest independent art toys from urban artists from around the globe. Since then, we've expanded to have two retail store locations in the Toronto region and have also increased our breadth of services as a toy manufacturer and distributor of designer toys and creative goods. 

We aim to connect liberal arts with toy collectibles in hopes to keep the world's lively and thriving artist culture alive.

“Art-based toys are an important part of the arts community, they awaken a sense of nostalgia. Mindzai is an experience; it’s a place to indulge in childhood memorabilia, a creative outlet for up-and-coming artists, as well as a platform to discover your own personal artistic talent.” - Chris Tsang

Our own line of products can be found in our retail shops, online at and at specialty retailers worldwide. Along with our own line of toys, you'll find a wide variety of designer toys in vinyl, plush and paper form! 

What does Mindzai mean?

Inspired by the mind and its infinite ability to imagine, we played off the words mind’s eye to create Mindzai.

In our logo the kanji character, 目,  is the symbol for eye in eastern asian culture. For us at Mindzai, the circle around the 目 symbol represents the zen mind and when combined together, our logo represents the human mind and it's infinite ability to imagine. Your third eye...Your imagination.

Who is Mindzai?

Mindzai is owned and operated by Chris Tsang. I love to talk about toys, art, design, my beloved Nintendo and entrepreneurial spirit. I'm always interested in new creative projects. 

Mindzai Labs is the design and manufacturing arm of our company whose purpose is to help creatives around the world make their product dreams come true. 

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You can reach us by filling out our contact form on our contact page or by sending us an email at customerservice[at] For store inquiries, please check our stores page for the store contact info and map locations.