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Transformers Series Three Mini Figures by The Loyal Subjects

TRANSFORMERS WAVE 3 has arrived!

Blindbox! Get Lucky! No matter what, Wave 3 is packing heat.  Guaranteed to get something great!

Constructicons, Dinobots, Tapes...Oh My!!  Wave Three is BIGGER and BADDER than ever!  Sizes ranging from 3.25"-3.5" tall!  

Includes 9 points of articulation, locked ball joints, Chest and back pieces, interchangeable accessories, SOUND and LEDs! Wheeljack's ears light up with a push of a button!  Insane.  Rumble's pistons shoot in and out and he has a SHAKE feature!  Blitzwing has a rotating turret and a spring loaded cannon!  Also, Scrapper has a soundchip which includes the famous Transform Up and Transform Down SFX, ALSO - The Theme Song!!  Epic.  Don't sleep!

A full case is 16 units.