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The Mechtorians Blind Box Mini Series by Doktor A x Kidrobot

This product is sold out / discontinued but may still be available on 3rd Party Marketplaces such as Amazon or eBay.

Steampunk fans are going to love this. Welcome to Doktor A's wold of Mechtoria.

Kidrobot pulls back the curtain to the long forgotten characters of the world of Mechtoria.  Follow us down the darkened cobbled streets and meet the artistic cast of Doktor A’s almost unimaginable world! Gamblers, musicians, entertainers and more make up the cast Series by Doktor A.

As the story goes... The year was 1871, Professor Whistlecraft sends a small robotic population to another planet to be able to head off any alien invasion that might attempt to ruin our world. After a long period of time and no alien invasion, the robots were abandoned by their creator and established their own world... a mighty, tiny world with two tea times! 

Each figure in this incredible vinyl mini series comes with a collectors card that gives information about the character.  

This is a single blind box. Please add 24 to your cart for a full case. 

  • Maurice Jaques (Musician) - 2/24
  • William Board (Advertiser) - 2/24
  • Demi Dalrymple (Twin Carnival Performer 1) - 1/24 (Rare)
  • Semi Dalrymple (Twin Carnival Performer 2) - 2/24
  • Carter P. (Playboy) - 2/24
  • Colonel Rombus (Retired Military) - 3/24
  • Horacio Doublebouy (Port Security) - 2/24
  • Jonny Heck (Entertainer) - 2/24
  • The Courtier (Palace Staff) - ??/?? (Extremely Rare Chase Piece)
  • Dirigible Crew (Engine Room #3) - 1/24 (Rare)
  • Dirigible Crew (Engine Room #7) - 2/24
  • Penny F. (Domestic) - 2/24
  • Reginald Clawfoot (Librarian) - 1/48 (Extremely Rare)
  • Oscar Lynchworthy (Literary Critic) - 2/24