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Spiritus Dea Dunny Series by Kidrobot

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Introducing The Spiritus Dea Dunny Series by Kidrobot. 

Spiritus Dea – “spirit of the goddess” in Latin – unites 12 different artists and Goddesses under one common theme: the cycle of life, organized into four categories – Cosmos, Life, Nature, and Death. The goddesses beneath the Cosmos banner are those who represent the manifestations of celestial bodies such as the night and the moon and the heavens while the “Life” goddesses are focused on beauty, fertility, protection, and new life.

The nature goddesses have their attention on the nurturing of wildlife and the abundance of crops while the “Death” goddesses complete the cycle with a lens on fate and the safe transportation into the afterlife. Whether worshipped for creation or destruction, protection or war, chaos or fate, or even life and death – the goddesses in Spiritus Dea maintain essential roles within the greater celestial world, capturing the unseen force of will within each of us that anticipates their long-awaited return. Each artist channels a specific goddess into the Dunny form, spanning vastly different cultures, times and theologies.

With a global reach of 3 continents, artists Candie Bolton, Laura Colors of 64 Colors, Stephanie Buscema, Marylou Faure, Stickymonger, Mizna Wada, Lisa Toms, Mia Alvarez, MJ Hsu, Muxxi, Tomodachi Island (Emelie J.), and Yoii (Anna J.) each capture the unseen force of will within each of us that anticipates their goddess’s long-awaited return.

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