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Sengoku Warlords 6-Piece 100% Bearbrick Set

The Sengoku period is a part of Japanese History famous for its wars and battles between lords to rule the country. For this reason the Sengoku Warlords of this period have been adapted in various movies or manga and anime.

From the left to the right: Sanada Yukimura, Oda Nobunaga, Uesugi Kenshin, Toyotomi Hideyoshi, Takeda Shingen, Tokugawa Ieyasu

This item is a BE@RBRICK 100% 6 pcs set. Sanada Yukimura comes in a blister box that can be used to display the six bearbrick figures. The five other figures come in a regular boxes.  

Each figure stands at 7cm tall.

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