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Mr. White Cloud Mini Series 2 White Winter Edition by Fluffy House x POP MART

It's a long cold winter but that won't stop Mr. White Cloud and friends from having a good time! This time, all the pals are bundled up in winter gear! Y Collect all the characters including Mr. White Cloud, Mr. Gray Cloud, Coffee CloudC, Hot Milk WRainbow, Sunny, Little Raindrop, Chicky and SnowmanP, Gray Rabbit, Ordinary Bear, Nappy Bear and Snowball Rabbit!! There's also a secret hidden figure to find!

Each figure stands at approximately 2.75"- 3" inches tall.  

There are 12 different designs to collect and 1 hidden edition chase figure that has a ratio of 1/144. 

Available as a single blind box or a complete set of 12 figures when you purchase a case.