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Micro Raffy 2.5" Multicolor Edition by kidrobot

Watch where you step! MUNNY and your favorite MUNNYWORLD characters have shrunk to micro! And though they may only be 2.5-inches tall, they are better listeners than most giants.

Use pens, pencils, and crayons on RAFFY! Make things to put on RAFFY's feet or hats to put on RAFFY's head! Or you can just leave RAFFY alone, and keep RAFFY around to help you eat your vegetables.

These tiny DIY toys are 2.5-inches tall and come in five fun colors: Red, Yellow, White, Cyan, and Blue! Blind packed, each box shows which character hides inside, though which color you get is a mystery.

Each comes with a vinyl micro paint can, a clear sticker sheet of stick-on accessories (like a bow tie, eyes, mom tattoo, zippers, and more!), and a clear practice sticker to get the jitters out.