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Hypefood Blind Box Series One by Fools Paradise

What if the most important meal of the day was just as much of a hype beast as you? This is what it would look like. Introducing HypeFood Blind Box Series designed by Fools Paradise. Each figure is a T-shirt with sneakers with the world's most trendiest brands at play!

This series includes A Breakfast Jam ( a play on A Bathing Ape ) , X vegetables ( a play on Kaws cross eyes ), Paris No. 5 Breakfast ( a play on Chanel No. 5 ), Heart Jam on Toast ( a play on Comme Des Garcon ), "BREAKFAST" ( a play on OFF-White ), and E Tee Soup ( a play on Supreme ), Keep Calm and Design Breakfast and LOVE!

Each figure stands at 11cm in height. 

Available as Single Blind Box or an entire set of 8.