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HiMotchi Unicorn Rainbow Minis Series 2 Toy by Motchi Toys

Little Motchi now available in a mini 1.5" form! These little cuties are availabe in 8 different colorways are mystery packed in a cute gacha ball. You won't know what color is inside so you'll have to open them up to find your surprise! Each one is hand made and hand painted! 
Material: Resin
Height: 1.5 inches (3.8 cm)
Introducing Motchi Unicorn! Little Motchi was the only mini horse in a small farm. One night, she felt so lonely and cried out. Suddenly she saw a tiny falling star on her head. Motchi transformed to a unicorn! She is on her way to find her unicorn friends. May all her dream come true!

Story About Motchi and the Artist 
Everyone goes through a “dark phase” in life. I created this Motchi unicorn during one such dark phase in my life. My friends asked me why is there a star on the horn? I said the star on the horn represents ”there is a star living in everyone’s heart, don’t forget shining out in the darkness”. Hope Motchi Unicorn can inspire everyone with positive energy. 

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