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Goobi Lil Foxes Dream Circus Blind Box Series by OKLuna x POP MART

Goobi The Fox is all dressed up and ready to party in his all new Dream Circus!! So step right up and get ready for one amazing show! Collect from Goobi The Bear, Blackie The Tamer, Dotdot the Balloon Man, Fairy the Elephant, Tricycle Sora, Fox Papa the Ringmaster, Hula Hoop Mia, Aota the Juggler, Beanie the Lion, Aka the Drummer, Lil Clown Monster and a secret figure!!

This series is packed with a cool 12 different designs including 1 hidden edition figure that has a ratio of 1/144. 

Available as a single blind box or a complete set of 12 figures when you purchase a case. 

Shipped and sold by Mindzai