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Casting Shadows Switch To Fall Edition by Coarse Toys

catch the falling friends

The hunched noop and nervous nism hide in soft black sponge, waiting to be saved. They are protected in a heavy hand crafted cardboard box, 6 tone printed and stamped with nism’s eye of gold. Pull at the ‘noop’ and ‘nism’ fabric tags to reveal the two shaken souls. In the kite bag, you will find the noop’s paw! kite. Set it up and let the paw! loom high above the troubled duo, tinted with red and golden autumn accents and surrounded by c-o-a-r-s-e leaves, as their world begins to crumble around them. 

casting shadows
switch to fall  
[limited to 200 pcs]

Comes with 2 figures, kite and all accessories. Includes one new and unused family & friends application card Stands at approximately 8 inches tall. 

New In Box and never displayed.