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Bobo and Coco Blind Box Toy by POP MART

Bobo is a tiny white balloon. When you see Bobo, it looks as though he never has any expression...he's just floating ever so peacefully around the world and into the clouds where he hangs with Coco. Bobo loves to explore every corner of the world and floats silently along with Coco simply enjoying the moment. 

There are 12 different designs to collect and 1 hidden edition chase figure that has a ratio of 1/144. 

This series contains Swimming, Ignorant, Doughnut, Sweetie, Rainy, Sunny, Spaceman, Rocking, Melancholy, Memories, Scorching Sun, Sweet Dreams and a hidden edition figure named Gorgeous!! Each figure stands at approximately 3 inches tall and comes mystery packed so you never know what figure you will get until you open the box!

Available as a single blind box or a complete set of 12 figures when you purchase a case. 

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