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Batman Animated 1000% Bearbrick by Medicom Toy

In celebration of it's 80th Anniversary, Batman gets yet another Bearbrick treatment. This time, it's based off the 1992 American animated television show, Batman: The Animated Series which was based off the original DC Comics. The show ran for three years and is now packaged as a collectible piece of art by Japanese toy powerhouse, Medicom Toy. 

The design sports a classical look with Batman's grey and black suit with accents of yellow on the logo on his chest and his utility belt. The subtle hits of blue do a magnificent job at providing highlights to the suit making this one of the most sleek Batman Bearbricks to release. Take a look at the cape on his back dripping from the top of the Bearbrick's torso and onto the back of the Bearbrick's legs.

The Batman Animated 1000% Bearbrick stands at 70cm, about 2.3 feet tall.

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