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Yummy World Chloe and the Carnival Cookies XL 20" Plush Toy by Kidrobot - Special Order

Ready for a frosted fun time? Yummy World's newest XL food plushies, Chloe and the Carnival Cookies Plush, is here!  This trendy giant plush pack brings the frosted fun sugar rush without the calories and features your favorite circus animals in frosted cookie stuffed animal form. Dressed in a perfect Yummy World smile and colorful sprinkles to boot, these frosted cookie stuffed animals will make you laugh till you crumble.

Living a life of luxury up in their Sprinkle Tree big top mansion, these plush cookies are ready to put on a big time show with Chloe as the ring-leader and master performance planner. Each of the six plushie carnival animals are free to roam Yummy World during the day, but always come home to Chloe when it’s time for their big carnival show. 

Chloe and the Carnival Cookies plush are ready to transform your home into a carnival of crazy fun.  Their soft & sweet but not for your teeth! Get this giant fun and cuddly 20 inch tall plush food pillow pack complete with the six carnival cookie animal troupe today!

*Fun to cuddle but not to digest.

Special Order

This is a special order item - approximately 3-4 weeks after placing order. Subject to change and availability.