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WAZZUPbaby Creation Space 206 Chameleon Blind Box Series by Lam Toys

The WAZZUPbaby crew going up to space with the all new WAZZUPbaby Creation Space 206 Chameleon blind box series by Lam Toys. Come collect these space adventuring Chameleons today!

There are 6 figures to collect and 1 hidden edition to chase!

Space capsule is about 14cm tall; Wazzup Baby astronaut is about 6cm tall and comes mystery packed so you never know what figure you will get until you open the box!

Each blind box comes with space capsule collectible for you to combine and make your unique collection, you can assemble all six-space capsule into a gigantic spaceship.

Available as a single blind box or a set of 6 figures when you purchase a case.