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Mika Ninagawa Anemone 100% + 400% Bearbrick Set from Medicom Toy

Photographer and director, Mika Ninagawa collaborates again with Medicom Toy to bring us the Anemone Bearbrick in the 100%(7cm) and 400%(28cm) sizes. Sold as a set, the Bearbricks feature the an impressive arrangement of colorful flowers printed onto the Bearbrick with Mika Ninagawa's logo printed on the back.

The photos are of the actual Bearbrick figures you will receive so please view the placement of the patterns on the 100% size and 400% size. Patterns on other Anemone 100% and 400% Bearbricks may vary due to the water-transfer process to apply the print to the Bearbrick. 

Released in 2016.
Lightly displayed.
Figures and box is in good condition.