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Little Voyagers - Let's Go Mini Series by Coarse

The sun is up and it’s a brand new day! The little voyagers are ready to explore the world, but each creature is missing one thing: You!

Chapter 1 of coarse's first blind box series begins the story of six Little Voyagers seeking friendship and meaning in a confusing and deceitful world. Each set contains five animals and one cactus ready to make a clean slate and start new lives wherever their journeys take them.

Every box contains a fable about the character packed inside it, and every fable ends with a moral to guide the little voyagers on their journeys. With twelve stories in all, Little Voyagers is not just a blind box series but an interconnected web of stories. Uncover the fates of the Little Voyagers as their paths all cross with each other and they make and lose friends along the way.

The 3.5'' [approx. 9 cm] sculptures come packed in six separate boxes, which are all housed inside a color-printed display box. Collect Racoon, Fish, Cat, Cactus, Frog and Hamster.

Little Voyagers -Let's Go is available as a single blind box or a complete set of 6 characters. 

Shipped and sold by Mindzai