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Marvel x Kidrobot coming to Mindzai on July 25th

This years New York Toy Fair introduced us to a brand new collaboration between Kidrobot and Marvel. We were all under an NDA and we weren't allowed to disclose the brand new partnership but we were certainly surprised and excited to see how this collaboration would work.

We're happy to announce that Mindzai will be receiving our shipment next week on July 25th! (and in-store on the 26th)

Here's the lineup that you can expect:

Wolverine Labbit and Venom Labbit:

These labbits are high in demand and is sure to sellout. Each labbit is roughly 7 inches tall and will run for $60 CAD. 

The Wolverine Labbit features the famous adamantium claw as it's mouthpiece while Venom sports it's famous long tongue that wraps the side of it's body. Frickin' dope right?

Marvel Munny and Mini Munny:

These come in 4 different variants per size. The variants being Ironman, Spiderman, Venom and Wolverine. Each comes with it's own unique accessory and decals made specifically for each figure. The Mini's will go for $11 each and the 7-inch figures will run for $22. 

Marvel Micro Munny Blindbox Series.

I love blind box toys. The excitement every time i open up a foil package is a feeling that just can't be replicated. We love surprises...and the surprises in this series are awesome! 

This series includes Wolverine, Captain America, Ironman, Spiderman, Doctor Octopus, Venom, Hulk and Thor.  Each one is about 2.5 inches. Included in the box are fun decals for you to play around! Check out the photos!

Last but not least there's a Zipper Pull series.

Each zipper pull is roughly 1 inch tall and there are a total of 10 to collect!! Super!!!!

Anyway, They arrive on the 25th and I'll make them available online. However, they'll be available in the store on the July 26th because we need to move the shipments from the warehouse to the shop!

See you soon!


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