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G.I. JOE Series One figures by Les Schettkoe now available for preorder

March 08, 2013

Saturday mornings were awesome when I was a kid. I would wake up at 6 am, walk downstairs, pour a bowl of cornflakes and get ready for two hours of back to back cartoons with no interruptions from parents. It was an amazing time. 

Jonathan at The Loyal Subjects told me a few months ago to get ready for some really exciting stuff and I was blown away when he told me about the upcoming G.I. JOE series. 

When I finally found out that it was Les Schettkoe designing them I was ecstatic. Les Schettkoe is of course known for his work at Disney, dope street art remixes of various pop icons like Mickey Mouse and MMA fighter Manny Pacquiao as well as other collaborations with various streetwear brands

Sir Schettkoe's edgy sense of design is perfect for this series of figures and I'm glad TLS went this route. 

This G.I. JOE series features 8 classic characters including Cobra Commander, Destro, Duke, Snake Eyes, Zartan, Storm Shadow, Gung-Ho, Snow Job and three secret chase figures!

They are approximately 3 inches tall which is a tiny bit taller than most mini figures out there. I'm definitely excited about this series and I think a bunch of you are salivating right about now as well. 

It's been making the rounds on the net for a little bit now but we're happy to let the world know that we are bringing this awesome series up to Canada. 

They are set to arrive in our warehouse late March/Early April and they will be pretty hot in demand.

If you want to make sure you get your hands on them, be sure to pick them up here before it's too late because you never might sell out..and knowing is half the battle. :)