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Mindzai x Spanky Stokes presents: Major Lazer Giveaway contest

February 22, 2013

We love doing contests. And we really like doing them with our good friends at SpankyStokes. Spanky's been real good to me in our first year of existence and we can see why he was the recipeient of best blog for 2012 Designer Toy Awards. Plus...he's a super nice guy. 

As you may know, Friday's are when Spanky does his Free Goodie Friday promos. We decided to tap into the latest from Kidrobot and giveaway one of the most badass bot mascots I've seen in a while, Major Lazer by Kidrobot.

It's frickin amazing. ain't it?

Anyway, contest runs from Feb. 22 - 25. Here's how you enter. 

1. First up, give Mindzai a follow on Twitter HERE, and give a follow HERE... then send out this tweet "I just entered to win a brand new @kidrobot Major Lazer mascot figure from @Mindzai - Go to and enter now! #SSMIDZ" You can just copy and paste the above quoted text, without the quotes of course, and make sure that it includes the #SSMIDZ tag as that is how we track you :-) .

2. Finally, head on over HERE, to the specially constructed contest page.Hit the 'LIKE' button, and then fill out the survey. It just asks a few questions, and gives us your email (which we promise not to spam you with, just give you good news every once in a while)... and that's it... really simple, and really fun!

And also fyi, if you're a fan of Major Lazer, the Tour starts on the 28th right here in Toronto! 

Good Luck Everyone!