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Happy New Year and Thank you for 2012

Happy New Year everyone!

My name is Chris and I'm the founder of Mindzai.

Today marks the annivesary of our launch at Mindzai and I wanted to give a huge thank you to all of our supporters, suppliers, family and friends, volunteers and especially our customers.

It is all of you that inspires us to focus and try to be the absolute best creative shop in the world. 

It was a year of really great accomplishments and first time experiences for us. Here are some that I wanted to share with you!

  1. We started developing the site on November 11th, 2011. We made a promise to ourselves that we would launch in 90 days. 
  2. We finally launched our site on January 28th 
  3. The first sale was made a whole 11 days later on February 9th! Talk about 10 days of absolute torture!
  4.  Our first customer was a friend of mine named Cindy! **I will never forget you** 
  5. Our first customer that I didn't know was from Nova Scotia. Thank you Anne Marie! 
  6. The first product sold was an standard green Android mini figure. 
  7. Our first workshop was a corporate event held at xtreme labs. 
  8. Our first outdoor event was Night It Up held in Markham on July 14 
  9. Our first indoor event was Toronto Fan Expo on August 26th 
  10. We were featured on Shopify Stories - You can view the video here.
  11. We were featured on AppSumo.com. See it here.
  12. Our first public workshop was held at #Hashtag gallery on December 16th.

There's so much more. I can't count them all. It definitely was one of the most exciting times in my life. We definitely had put a lot of faith in ourselves we couldn't have done it without all the support we had. 

I'm extremely proud of what Mindzai has become in our first year of existence. We're young and we'll need a bit more time to become even better but we are on a really great path and we promise that our second year will be even better than the first.

Thanks for a wonderful first year!


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