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Preorder Now: Astronaut Snoopy by Medicom Toy

July 30, 2015

There's some really cool history behind Astronaut Snoopy. After an accident with Apollo I mission, the team at NASA contacted Charles Schultz, the artist and legend behind the Peanuts gang including Charlie Brown and Snoopy to create a new safety mascot.

Schultz drew up Snoopy with an Astronaut helmet and the mascot has been a part of space safety ever since! In fact, Astronaut Snoopy has been up for every space mission since 1969! Isn't that cool? You can read more of this cool story over at io9 here.

Anyhow, Medicom Toy is paying a fine tribute to Astronaut Snoopy with a triple package of Bearbricks in 100%, 400% and 1000% sizes. Each Bearbrick figure even comes with the American flag on it's left arm! 

Preorder here below