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New Arrival: Adventure Time x Kidrobot Now Available

What time is it everyone? Beer o'clock? 4:20? Dinner time? Nono...It's Adventure Time!!!

We just got the most awesome, most MATHEMATICAL Adventure Time mini figure series toys made by Kidrobot. I've had the chance to open up a few boxes of my own and I can tell you that they are all super cute and you'll have a great time collecting them. The quality is great and the plastic feels nice in your hand. So colourful!

Adventure Time x Kidrobot Blind Box Mini Series
Pictured above is the blind box mini series. There are 18 figures to collect! Finn, Jake, Fionna, Ice King, Lumpy Space Princess, BMO, Princess Bubblegum and more! Each stand at approximately 3 inch tall and comes in a case of 20. So much colour am i right? They are all so cute!!

Adventure Time x Kidrobot Keychain Series
Equally adorable are the smaller keychain series! As if the figures weren't cute enough! The cute factor on this series jumped all the way up as they get smaller! There are only 10 different designs for the keychains so that means you can only get certain characters from the mini figure series. Still....the set is equally magical. 

Lady Rainicorn

Her majesty's royal steed is as beautiful as ever in her rainbow coat. Lady Rainicorn wraps her body around Jake in the most romantic pose ever! What a cute couple! This figure is approximately 7 inches tall!

Puff Jake and Lil Finn Toy Figure
The awesome thing about Jake The Dog is that he can turn into anything! And that includes a warm puffy jacket for Finn. BMO of course makes an appearance too! Check him out in this gangsta pose! So cool!

All the figures are available now in-stores and online at Mindzai.com


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