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Preorder Mega Man x Kidrobot Now

May 25, 2015

One of my favorite games when I was growing up (and still) was the entire Mega Man series by Capcom. Nothing was more satisfying than finally getting through the seemingly impossible stages to the boss and slaying Cut man, Ice man, Fire man and the whole gang of bosses led by Dr. Wily. Especially when you defeated the boss with only half a life bar remaining. Damn those games were hard or maybe i just sucked. I digress....Anyway, Kidrobot and Capcom have teamed up once more to bring you a brand new series of toys.

Both Mega Man and Proto Man make an appearance as 7 inch figures. Obviously, the figures feature Kidrobot's new bot shape and the famous MegaBuster gun! So cool.


In addition to the larger 7 inch figures is of course the popular mini series blind box for all the collectors out there. The new series features at least 13 character designs from the first Mega Man game. Click the image below to see more!

And like the other series that Kidrobot produces are also the small 1.5 inch mini keychains as well! Like the 3 inch Mini series they are also mystery boxed and feature characters from the first Mega Man game. Click on the image below to see more!