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New Arrival: Yummy World Plushes! Tacos! Cheeseburgers, Lattes and more!

April 30, 2015

Summer is just around the corner and it's just in time for some delicious new treats from Kidrobot's Yummy World designed by Heidi Kenney.

We've received a bunch of new plushes both small and large that are perfect for your next outdoor picnic!

1. Yummy World Taco. This one is huge...and boy is he spicy! Flaco Taco (his name) is so full of spice that he bursts into song! His friends have learned to love these impromptu “serenades” as part of his feisty personality. The Yummy Taco is a large 16" plush so he's perfect for hugging!

2. Yummy World Macaron. Margarette Macaron is her name and is quite the posh one. Margarette is always on her very best manners! She’s elegant and refined, and loves hosting quiet tea parties in Picnic Palace. When her friends need someone to listen, Margarette takes pride in being there. Of course, that huge heart needs a huge body so her large 16 inch body should suffice! She's so huggable!

3. Yummy World Pea Pod. The Pea Pod family consists of Paulina, Petey, Pauly and Peah. The entire family is warm and welcoming to all! They love to play, and when bedtime comes at the end of the day, it’s “Sugar Snap Story Time,” where Paulina tells tales of sweet wonderment to everyone in Picnic Palace! Who knew that vegetables could be so cute?

4. Yummy World Cheeseburger. Bubba Burger is fun on a bun! He greets everyone with a big beefy hug and makes new friends wherever he goes. Bubba loves entertaining and frequently throws parties at Picnic Palace. The Yummy World Cheeseburger is a gigantic 24 inches so you need to enjoy with two hands.

5. Yummy World Wave 3 Plush. There's a whole new set of super cute 4 inch plushes and they consist of The cherry twins, Cha cha chili pepper, Connie Cotton, Kiwi, the Lattes, and Cash Pistach!! Each one comes with a hang string so you can loop it to your favourite bag or wherever you want some extra delicious cheer in your life!