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A new member of our team - Megan MacDonald

April 11, 2015

Today is a special day for us at Mindzai! We've hired our first official team member. Let me make an introduction!

**drumroll** Meet Megan!! Woohoo! Yay!

Megan will mostly be in our downtown store location where she'll be helping us out in our retail shop and also helping us in growing our online business.

Megan is actually an artist herself which is what made her so appealing to us. Outside of Mindzai, Megan operates her own art studio in Toronto where she spends her time perfecting and crafting her own art and even hosts her own painting workshops. A creative entrepreneur!

Here's a short bio:

Megan Ellen MacDonald is a Toronto based artist and creator, cat enthusiast, and unicorn believer. Megan’s work has been exhibited in Toronto and Montreal, and will be featured in the Affordable Art Fair Seoul, Korea in fall 2015. 

Please visit her website at and follow her on instagram. Her instagram is @paintscats

We're so happy to have Megan join our team! Please drop in and say hi to her sometime!