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New Plush Labbits for 2015 Have Arrived!

March 12, 2015

Watch out!!! There are some prehistoric wild Labbits on the loose!! 

We woke up this morning to find that we've received three all new Labbit Plush designs and also a new mini plush series. Lets take a look at the new species!

The Woolly Labbit!

This friendly beast is a large 14 inches long and features long tusks that provide protection against those huge imaginary monsters. 

The Clam Husker Arctic Labbit

The Clam Husker is 7 inches long and features two small tusks to go along with his moustache. He's also got an awesome new powder blue colour way. I love it!

The Labbitooth

Similar to the Clam Husker, the Labbitooth also features short tusks but the Labbitooth sports a matching white moustache. The Sabre Toothed Labbit is the ultimate predator, and all cower in terror when its roars fill the skies. and still manages to be cute. 


Cute and Crazy Mini Plush Labbits

There are 10 new mini labbits that sport shiny cute undies that sparkle! Each labbit comes with it's own hang cord so you can carry a labbit with you wherever you go! Will you collect them all?