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We're headed to China!

January 07, 2015

Photo credit : Jesse Warren on Flicker

In our last blog post, we detailed all the major goals that we wanted to hit for 2015 and on the top of the list was our commitment to make more toys. 

Well, I'm off to China to take care of our first two toy projects, Lethal Taco and DIY Lovebot. I take off in an hour to Hong Kong followed by an hour train ride up to Shenzhen where our factory partners are located. There are many details that we need to follow up on regarding these two projects and we also need to approve a final mould for Lethal Taco. I am committed to getting these two projects to final completion. 

I will also be discussing a few more toy projects with multiple factories as well. We're working on a few top secret projects that we haven't revealed just yet while we are there. We're so pumped about all of it!

I will be sure to take a lot of photos while I'm there so be sure to follow us on Instagram @mindzai where I'll be posting. 

In case you are wondering, both of our Toronto and Markham stores will continue to run with normal hours of operations. Our online shop will mostly continue with no changes but there may be a slight delay with in-store pickups. 

Wish me luck!