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New Arrival: Satori Kappa by David Dick

December 06, 2014

Our good friend David Dick recently released his first resin toy titled Satori Kappa and it's quite awesome. Of course, if you have kept up with our news, you'll know that David was the original sculptor of Lethal Taco as well. Satori Kappa was featured online from Spankystokes, Vinyl Pulse and ToysRevil recently as well!

Although Dave has been selling them exclusively on, what makes this release at Mindzai so special is that it includes an exclusive hand crafted water colour art card! 

Here's the card!

The Kappa is one of Japan’s yokai and are said to inhabit the country’s rivers and streams.

Legendary trouble makers, Kappa are responsible for everything from general harassment to drowning people and animals, kidnapping children, and the ravishing of women. Now, not all Kappa are mischievous, murdering, kidnappers. Throughout history there have been some who have befriended human beings, helping and even teaching them.

"Satori Kappa" directly translated from Japanese means 'Enlightened Kappa'.

Satori Kappa was designed and sculpted by David and cast in resin and stands at 2.5 inches tall. The completed figures will be signed, numbered, and limited to 40 pieces.

These are extremely fact, we only have 2 units and they are going for $130 each. Now available to purchase here. 

Here's some more photos: