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Toy Workshops update

October 15, 2014

Back in september, we announced that we would be opening up a new shop in the GTA up in Markham. It's a super exciting time for us and we can't wait to show you our new space. We're almost ready to open up shop but we have some house keeping to do. 

Starting today, we are no longer offering Private DIY Toy Workshops in our Mindzai x Homebase downtown location. 

When we partnered up with SKAM at Homebase, we wanted to bring something different to the downtown core. We wanted to offer toy workshops for everyone to come in anytime to design their own toy. 

However, due to the small space It was very challenging for us to do that. So instead, we created Private DIY Toy Workshops. It was awesome and we had a lot of creations come out of those workshops but here were the challenges:

  1. We could only host workshops outside of regular store hours and it would be very taxing and time consuming to be managing the workshop sometimes until 11pm at night. 
  2. People would often phone us and ask if they could just bring one person as a date to come and we always had to say no. What a bummer.
  3. The tables had to be taken down every night because we needed the space for regular retail operations during the day. This was very taxing on the body and carrying up 10 chairs, 4 tables and a huge amount of art supplies up and down our flight of stairs was killer.

However, we have a lot of things planned for our new store. Because the space is our own and we have a much larger space, we'll be able to offer workshops anytime during store hours. We'll also have the ability to offer private parties, a much larger variety of creative workshops (not just toys) and movie nights, game nights and more!