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New Bearbrick Drops for August 2014

August 22, 2014

A few hotly anticipated Bearbrick drops just landed into our store last night just in time for Fan Expo, Montreal Comic Con and the holiday season. Ready? Here goes!


1. FUCK OFF Bearbricks by Lemon and Soda Joint Works.

The FUCK OFF Bearbricks are available now in a 100% (7cm) size in both red/white and black/white colour ways. 

The pair of 100%'s feature the "Fuck Off" textile pattern originally designed by Ethos and Bal of Japan and comes packaged in a blister card format. These are hot and I don't expect these to stay in stock for long. 

2. Winnie The Pooh 400% Bearbrick

Medicom Toy continues to kill it when it comes to the Disney license. The new Winnie The Pooh Bearbrick is unique for the Bearbrick lineup as it sports a new moveable joint system that allows for ultra flexibility and more poses!

The famous Bearbrick "click" noise is now slightly softer

Check out the new joint in the photo below. 



3. Green Lantern SDCC 2014 Edition

Green Lantern is back with yet another Bearbrick. This time he features a new hairdo and suit makeover. This one was made as an exclusive for the 2014 San Diego Comic Con and is limited to 1500 units worldwide.


4. Joker SDCC 2014 Edition

Joker's new Bearbrick features his wide devious smile and this time he comes with eyes. For those of you that remember the last Joker Bearbrick, it had no face...which I personally thought was weird. This one is way better. Like Green Lantern, Joker was also made as an exclusive for San Diego Comic Con and also limited to 1500 units.