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New Arrivals: Unicornos Series 3, Moofia Mini Figures, Buffet Keychains and more from Tokidoki

There's a whole lotta awesome in today's new releases post. Tokidoki's latest ultra cute drop has certainly made it difficult for us to choose which toy we should pick up first. 

Unicornos Series 3

The all new series of Unicornos features 12 brand new characters to the unicorno family including Drago, Margherita, Coccinella, Scooter, Bowie, Cosmo, Lolopessa, Timber, Cleo, Milo, Pixie and Rocky! 

These cuties are individually blind boxed and is a perfect gift for anyone who appreciates the cute and colourful!

Moofia Minifigures

These gangsta dairy figures are anything but violent! They are ultra kawaii! You see what I mean? It's a tough choice between these and the Unicornos. We default to picking up a bunch of both! ^_^

Each Moofia Mini comes blind packaged in an adorable little milk carton that you won't want to throw away! All your favorites are here including Latte, Choco, and Leche, along with two new figures - Yo and Bocconcino.

Each collectible figure comes in its own milk carton-shaped blind box, so opening them is half (and half) the fun!

Latte Plush

Released along side the new Moofia figures is the brand new Latte Plush! Latte is approximately 9 inches tall and it's squishable plush body is sure to please any fan of Milk. 

Bocconcino Plush

This adorable cat cow combo is just too cute to handle. It features a cow pattern with a I "heart" Milk brand on it's body. Bocconcino stands at approximately 9 inches tall and is super soft. Also, here's a fun tip: Bocconcino is the secret chase figure for the Moofia Minifigures. She's lost....why not give her a good home?  ^_^ x 2


New Tokidoki Buffet Keychains

Each new enamel keychain features the tokidoki characters and their favourite foods! For example, Donutella sits on a cupcake, Sandy sits in a taco, Stellina with her favourite shaved ice cream and more! Check out the link for more photos and more selections! There are 13 to collect!



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