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Introducing DIY Lovebot : Join The Love Invasion

July 31, 2014

It's not everyday that a project like Lovebot comes around. The Lovebot, created by Matthew Del Degan, has been a Toronto staple for about 4 years now. What started small as a simple school project has since grown to a city wide phenomenon. You can't walk around the city without spotting Lovebot stickers, murals, or concrete robots in the city! So awesome!

About a year ago when I first opened up shop on Camden street in Toronto, Matthew Del Degan came in to pickup some paint and a few toys. It was a random encounter but it quickly grew to a more meaningful relationship. Matt and I got to talking about his Lovebot project and we began by picking up small Lovebot stickers, keychains, keys and more. Naturally, the more we talked the more started to happen. 

Now, after many months of preparation, Matthew and Mindzai are ready to take Lovebot global!

Introducing DIY LOVEBOT!

The DIY Lovebot is a 5 inch customizable designer art toy that allows you to express your creativity in a completely unique format. 

You can customize Lovebot! Or you can leave Lovebot in it’s original form.

Love comes in many forms…what will you create?

Please check out our video and if you like it, pledge your support here to help us make this toy a reality!