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New Bearbrick Arrivals at Mindzai

May 30, 2014

For those that know Mindzai is the absolute best place to pick up bearbricks in all of North America. We have the largest bearbrick line up and we carry the freshest stock direct from Japan. Medicom Toy has been showering us with some crazy love and we just got some brand new stuff in that is worth shouting about. Although they have been on preorder for a bit, it's always awesome to finally get them in person. First up:

Robocop 100% and 400% Bearbrick

The future of law enforcement is the future of the Be@rbrick line. This cybernetic peace officer from evil robotics company Omnicorp is now available in both 100% and 400% sizes and features a tactical black design just like the movie!


Deadpool 100% and 400% Bearbrick

Known as the "Merc with a mouth", the latest deadpool incarnation comes in both 100% and 400% sizes. It features the same dope comic book style packaging as the previous Marvel series bearbricks (Wolverine, Venom, etc). So good you don't even want to take it out of the box. Pictured below is the 100% size.

Cyclops 100% and 400% Bearbrick

Cyclops, the leader of the X-Men, dons his retro uniform here in this latest bearbrick drop. Like the others, he's also available in both 100% and 400% sizes. And like Deadpool, Wolverine, Cyclops and Venom, he also comes in some amazing comic book style packaging that is sure to please comic book fans worldwide! Pictured below is the box for the 400% size.

Mazinger Z 400% Bearbrick

We've been getting a large number of requests for this particular Mazinger Z Bearbrick. Perhaps it's the amazing symmetry found in the design or it could be that Robots are just too awesome. The Japanese sure love their robots!