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May 21, 2014

I usually don't write with all caps for blog post titles but this post deserves the upper case treatment because I really do want to yell it out for all to hear! 

The Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles is about to invade Mindzai this Saturday and we want to invite you all to come!

We're going to be releasing the all new TMNT x KIDROBOT Blindbox series as well as the new Ooze Action Blister Pack series as well!

If you come between 1pm - 2pm we will be offering a free pizza slice for you to enjoy if you purchase any TMNT x Kidrobot toy in the store while supplies last! (Pepperoni pizza and plain cheese only) 

In addition, we'll also be playing some retro episodes of Ninja Turtles for maximum nostalgia! 

It's also a great time to get some good early trades in while everyone is around!

Throughout the summer there will be more TMNT products coming out like the 7 inch BeBop and Rocksteady figures, and the keychain series as well!

You can preorder all of the TMNT products starting today or during our party!

Click here to see the entire TMNT x Kidrobot Collection!