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Transfomers Series 2 figures now available for preorder

April 24, 2014

The war rages on!

It's been announced for about a month but we decided to pickup the latest Transfomers release from The Loyal Subjects and put them up for preorder. The shipment is currently scheduled for a late May - early June release.

There's all new figures in this hot new series including Shockwave, Ramjet, Shrapnel, Prowl, Mirage, Sideswipe, Slag, Dirge, Skywarp and Optimus makes a return to series two...but this time with an all new voice button! Press the button to activate 1 of 3 voice phrases! How dope is that?!

The new series 2 figures also feature a new ball joint system that allows for better posing ability....way more fun!

So...roll out and get on it. Preorder now!