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New Arrivals: Wolverine, Venom 100% and 400% Bearbricks

March 19, 2014

The Wolverine and Venom Bearbricks that were previously available for preorder only have made their way from Japan to Mindzai store shelves!

The box packaging on both the Wolverine and Venom bearbricks are outstanding. On the 400% variants, both boxes feature a graphic that closely resembles an actual comic book while the back features a short comic strip. The 100% variants are blister packed but also have a similar comic book design in a smaller package! The packaging is so awesome you almost don't want to take them out!

Outside of the packaging though, both of the actual figures are nothing short of awesome. Spiderman's nemesis is an awesome but simple black and white design but with a reddish purple tint around the mouth area. The wolverine figurine features simple lines detailing his bulging muscles in the classic retro suit! Though it would be even more awesome if there were retractable blades. :)

Click on the links below to go directly to the product page.

100% Venom Bearbrick

100% Wolverine Bearbrick

400% Venom Bearbrick

400% Wolverine Bearbrick