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March Breaks! Dope New Toy Drops

February and March is a crazy time of year for toys as many brands have been preparing for an onslaught of new products since November. As such, retailers usually get a ton of new releases around this time of year. Are you ready? Here goes!

Mardivale Dunny:

The new series is a mashup of part Mardi Gras and part Carnivale and the featured artists this time around is Andrew Bell and Scribe. The blind box series released on March 4th and is proving to be super popular with collectors! Get them before they are gone. 


Futurama x Kidrobot Series 2:

Matt Groening and Kidrobot created all new figures and designs in this brand new series. The new characters are available in series 2 are Amy Wong, Hermes Conrad, Chef Elzar, Calculon, Kif Kroker, Hedonism Bot, Hyper Chicken, Roberto, and Don Bot. Bender, Fry and Leela make a comeback in all new outfits as well!

Marvel Labbits series 2:

It's Labbit madness! Last year's Marvel Labbits were a huge hit among Labbit lovers and Marvel fans alike and I was pleasantly surprised to see a whole new character set!

Ghost Riderand Deadpool7 inch Labbits:

If you loved last years Wolverine and Venom 7 inch Labbits you should be giddy with excitement over the new Deadpool and Ghost Rider Labbits! Deadpool is smorkin' an awesome machine gun accessory while Ghost Rider features an uber awesome flame detail around it's ears!

Marvel Munny Zipper Pulls series 2:

I ordered in 100 of the series 1 zipper pulls last year and they completely sold out in less than 2 months across the entire distribution network. I was stunned. So...this year I ordered in twice as many units and to the surprise of no one, we've already sold more than 50 of them in just 7 days since it's arrival last Wednesday. Be sure to pick them up if you like these tiny little guys! My guess is that they will be completely sold out by June.

Akashiby Dave Bondi:

Part Mickey Mouse, Part Mario, Akashi by Dave Bondi will surely please both gamers and toy collectors worldwide. We've got the OG colour way in stock now. The other colour ways previously released at SDCC and other shows were completely sold out. It comes with 2 sets of hands and another pair of heart eyes that you can change! Too dope!

Skull Bombby Jason Freeny:

Those who know me know that I love Jason Freeny's stuff. The capsl design is a stroke of genius because of it's simplicity and the ability to have so many variations. The Skull Bomb is HEAVY which is perfect for this bomb design. The resin casted toy feels great in your hand and looks amazing when stood up or when it's placed flat. Love that skull! Mighty Jaxx did an awesome job on these!

MEGA Android and MEGA DIY Android:
As soon as I saw these available I had to make an order. These are great for Android fans everywhere and even more awesome for those that want to tinker with arduino electronic kits too! These head on these bad boys twist open to reveal a secret storage space large enough to fit a large can of coke or if you are nerdy like me...more than enough space for a small computer. Hacking anyone?

Deathshead Mickey by David Flores:

Not a new arrival actually...This masterpiece by David Flores actually dropped last year but it never appeared in our shop as it sold out before it even arrived! The preorders on this went quick last year and I was surprised to see it come back to life this year. They haven't arrived yet but it's available for preorder right now and will DEFINITELY appear in our shop before April arrives. Get it quick!

Canmans by Tyke Witness, EWOK, Pursue, and RIME

If you've been to our shop on Camden, you know that graffiti is a huge part of our life as we share a space with SKAM at Homebase. We were able to secure 2 units of each of the 4 Canman figures designed by four well respected graffiti artists, Tyke Witness, EWOK, Pursue, and RIME. A limited edition of 300 units worldwide. These guys won't last long. Also, each Canman opens up to reveal a secret storage!

Hit Girland Kick Ass 400% Bearbricks:

Based on the movies Kick Ass and Kick Ass 2, Hit Girl and Kick Ass have been immortalized into these awesome 400% Bearbricks. We only have 4 units of each and it's sure to be a hit with comic fans as we head to Fan Expo Vancouver and Calgary Expo next month! Get them before we sell out.

Lovebot Sticker Packs

After a very successful launch of the dope OG Lovebot Keychains, we are happy to announce a new partnership with the creators of Lovebot starting with these fresh new Lovebot Sticker Packs. You've seen them across the streets of Toronto..now become a part of the family, grab a pack and get to it!



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