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New products seen from Kidrobot at Toy Fair 2014 in New York

The American International Toy Fair 2014 has had many surprises this year and the folks at Kidrobot has had lots to showcase this year. I've known about a few of them for sometime now but couldn't really reveal until now. I've compiled a bunch of photos from various sources for your enjoyment! Are you ready? Here goes!

Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles - Mid June release

I'm super excited about this one and I know many of you are as well. Kidrobot has partnered up with Nickolodeon to bring the TMNT universe to the world of designer vinyl. Pictured here is the mini blind box series which features Splinter, Shredder, Foot Soldier, Krang, BeBop and all 4 turtles. I can't wait to see what the chase figures might be!

There's more than just a single blind box series though. Pictured below are individually packed Ooze action series which featured glow in the dark paint colour ways! The facial expressions are slightly different than the blind box series which is great. I think I might want to collect them all!

There's also going to be a keychain series as well! KR is really going all out on this license! I want them all!

And larger figures for both Bebop and Rocksteady! 


Last year, Kidrobot introduced their partnership with Marvel and so it was a surprise to me when they announced the DC Comics license. When Frank Kozik instagramed his new Joker Labbit creation I was stoked. So dope! The box looks pretty badass.

DC Comics x Labbit Blind box mini series. There were no actual samples on hand but the boxes do look awesome. 

And finally, there was these blind box mini figures that were a bit on the cute side. I spotted about 12 figures and none of them looked final but exciting to see Superman, Batman and the whole DC crew in this format. Check out the blister pack labbits on the bottom shelf there!

Snoop Dogg for 420

LOL!! Well..Kidrobot, who's head office is based in Colorado is taking full advantage of the legal marijuana in their state and what better mascot to use than Snoop?! Check out the blunt on this one! And guess what? It's release date is actually on 4/20. We'll be getting it stoners...don't you worry! Check out his shirt too! 93 till infinity biatch!!

Mega Man

Hellz yeah! The Megaman universe is coming around June and we couldn't be more ecstatic about this release. We're huge fans of Megaman, Dr. Wily and all his robot villains! Check out the blind box series packaging. I couldn't source many photos but I can tell you that there's more than just the blind box series. There's keychains, 6 inch figures and more coming our way! 

And finally...YES. Mindzai will be getting all of the above. There's so much more. Keep an eye out on our blog for more news. 

Sources: Spankystokes, Kidrobot, Plastikitty

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