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We went to 'This Is Not A Toy' exhibit at Design Exchange

February 11, 2014

I had the privilege of heading out to the hottest art exhibit in town held at the Design Exchange called 'This Is Not A Toy' on opening night. 

Let me just say this. If you are going to go bring a bib because I'm afraid the saliva might drip all over the place due to the many jaw drops that may occur during your visit. 

It's amazing to see this kind of exhibit done at this kind of scale and it's even more amazing to see it in Toronto!! 

Right when you walk in you see one of the world's most elusive toys, the Chanel Bearbrick. There was only 1000 ever made and it fetches at least 10K whenever it does drop on ebay for auction. I mean...if they put that at the entrance what kind of awesomeness lies around the corner?


This was just around the corner!? These Kaws statues are amazing and to see all three of them on display at once is a rarity. After spending about 10 minutes with each one I moved onto check out a toy that I spotted from one of my favourite artists right now, Coolrain. He created this Wooden Pithacuse figure that comes with what is possibly the coolest detail ever to be added onto a toy. See if you can spot the leafy branch on the jersey.


Less than twenty feet into the exhibit and my jaw had already dropped at least three times and I was already sure that the rest of the show would be amazing. The folks from the design exchange and it's curators did an amazing job. Well worth the $18.90 admission fee. Further into the floor, you'll see works from Takashi Murakami, Coarse Toys, Eric So, Jason Siu, Friends with You, Huck Gee, Junko Mizuno, a whole lotta Kaws and so much more. 

Check out a few more photos below and then head over to the design exchange website to pickup a ticket. 

Have fun!!