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Valentines Bundles at Mindzai

February 08, 2014

Ahh...Valentines Day. Some love it...some hate it. But whether or not you celebrate this day of love or not, we've got something for you in our latest bundles!

We've put together a few fun bundles for everyone to enjoy as well as some other great gift ideas!

Bundles will be available until February 14th. 


D.I.Y. Date Night Bundle - $40
Pickup some takeout and have a creative night in with this Do It Yourself Toy bundle. You and your date will have a great time getting to know each other and you'll have something to remember it by. Also, no matter what happens during the date...A Yummy Breakfast will be served. ;) 

Each DIY Date Night Bundle includes:

1 x DIY Micro Foomi blank figure by Kidrobot
1 x DIY Micro Munny blank figure by Kidrobot
2 x Munnyworld Markers (or Sharpie permanent markers)
2 x Yummy Breakfast keychain blind boxes by Heidi Kenney



Best Friends Forever Bundle - $40
You might be single but that doesn't mean you are alone. Pick this bundle up so you and your bestie can share in some mystery box fun with BFF themed toys!

Each BFF Bundle  includes:

2 x Best Friends Forever by Travis Cain
2 x Let's Hang zipper pull charms by Aaron Meshon
2 x Yummy Dessert keychain blind boxes by Heidi Kenney.



The I don't give a crap about Valentines Day Bundle - $40
Ugh. Gross. Valentines Day sucks. I just want a good deal on some stuff that doesn't include hearts and pink stuff with chocolate sprinkles. 

Each I don't give a crap about Valentines Day Bundle  includes:

1 x Street Fighter 2 Pack - Balrog or Sagat
1 x Sideshow Dunny 2013 blind box figure
1 x Kozik Potamus smorkin hippo blind box figure
1 x Mini Smorkin Labbit blind box figure
1 x Zip Hop zipper pull charm



Soulmate Bundle - $40
You've already found your soulmate and a cute pair of toys would be the perfect gift to share with your sweetheart.

Each Soulmates Bundle  includes:

1 x Rilakkuma Flocked 100% Bearbrick
1 x Korilakkuma Flocked 100% Bearbrick