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New Bearbrick Drops and Preorders

We're so excited to finally showcase a huge wave of bearbrick products direct from Japan! Some are available now and some are available online for preorder and will start to arrive into Toronto early February - April. 

As with most Medicom Toy products they are made in limited editions and are made to order months in advance. We'll continue to update the site with new products as they come in. 

Be@rbrick Series 27

These arrived on New Years Eve and was also our first new arrival of 2014! Dope new designs from D*Face, Robocop and my favourite anime/manga right now Attack on Titan. What's even more exciting about this series is that one of the secret chase figures in this series is President Obama! 


Venom 100% and 400% Bearbrick

Marvel and Medicom Toy team up to bring the black symbiote to life in Bearbrick form in as both 100% (7cm) and 400% (28cm) sizes. Totally badass. 

Wolverine 100% and 400% Bearbrick

The Canadian beast, Wolverine also makes a new Bearbrick vinyl appearance in 2 sizes as well. Also hella dope. 

Snoopy The Flying Ace 400% and 1000%

The Red Baron better watch his back! Snoopy, The Flying Ace is coming! This 1000% Snoopy is huge and stands at 70 cm tall and an even bigger box. The red scarf on his back looks amazing and I can't wait to display it in the shop. Unless someone picks it up first that is. Haha! Its also available in 400% so be sure to pick him before they are all gone!

MazingerZ 400% Bearbrick 

MazingerZ and robot fans alike will love this one. It's a nice clean look with a perfect symmetrical balance. We love this classic look.

Robocop 3.0 100% and 400% Bearbrick

Next month is the release of the new Robocop reboot and we think (hope) the movie is going to be amazing. Robocop 3.0 is gonna sport a new tactical black look. 

Mickey Mouse WWT2 Bearbrick in 400%and 1000% sizes

Yay! It's Mickey Mouse! The design is based on an old Retro Mickey Mouse plush dolls and what makes this special is that the fabric on this has a velvety texture with real buttons!! We LOVE this one!

Wedding Bearbricks

This lovely pair of kissing Bearbricks will make the perfect wedding gift for any couple! When the pair of 100% figures face each other it will showcase them in a passionate closed eyes kiss. Comes in a clear blister packaging with a post card backing. 

Bearbrick Japanese Wedding

And there's a Japanese wedding version as well! So cute.

Bearbrick x Bicycle Playing Cards

I can't believe I scored these from Tokyo. The quality on these playing cards are amazing. It's got Bicycle's Air Cushion finishing and every court card comes with a unique Bearbrick design. I love the packaging! A bear on a bicycle! Can't get any better than that!

Bearbrick Plush x Cardholder x Coin Purse

Bearbrick collectors can slip their Metro Pass / Presto cards into the back of one of these pass holder / coin purse plushes. Looks awesome in your car or on your shelf too!


We have a lot more coming so stay tuned!! Thanks for reading!


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