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Android Series 4 has arrived

November 28, 2013

We received the series 4 units just a couple of days ago and we finally got a chance to unpack them and get them ready for sale. We're happy to announce that they are now available for sale online today and in-store starting on Monday.

This years Android series is amazing! Great job to Andrew Bell and the folks at Dead Zebra for making such an awesome product. I really look up to the team there because the production quality is amazing. Everything from the box to the foil detail on the boxes. And of course the roster of artists this year is amazing.

This year's roster includes Andrew Bell, Kano, Shawnimals, Kong Andri, Kronk, Fakir, Sergio Mancini, Scott Tolleson and of course Google.

Of course, someone will always ask me which is my which I usually and truthfully respond..I love them all! But I think I might have to go with Kong Andri's fisherman and the GOLD one from Google. Come on!! It's a trophy!

Check out some of the beautiful designs below.